The best things in life always start in the family.
Angelo Baù is well aware of that: for over forty years he has been an acclaimed master in producing fine furniture in the most authentic Bassano tradition, with untiring passion.
His two daughters, Antonella and Sonia, grew up in an environment of wholesome, vibrant craftsmanship, where the rhythms and values of the workplace build character and mark out time; for some time now, they have been helping their father with the running of the company.
"Baù Angelo e figlie" (Baù Angelo and daughters) evolved naturally from a family company with strong roots in the territory and continues today to be a dynamic manufacturing company, open, as it has always been, to the challenges of the emerging foreign markets, from Russia to central Europe. It is a story that offers a great example for all Bassano fine furniture.
Professionalism and affection are values which still find a place today in the management of this modern company, which continues to uphold with honour the glorious tradition of Bassano fine furniture.
This continuity is represented today by Antonella – who manages orders, purchasing, sales and production – and Sonia, who looks after the accounts and shipping.
Because, as we said, the best things in life start in the family.